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Social networking for musicians

Being posted on a social networking site. How meta...

Might I also mention that I've moved to AZ and now work at a recording studio?

My Local Music Now is an utterly free network of audio professionals, studios, and session players!

Whether you've got a home /commercial studio, are an accomplished session player, or just a skilled musician who wants to give it a go, I implore you to sign up and create a profile!
Our goal is to connect audio pros and talented folks in a way that has never been done before.

Yes, we know there are other networks of peoples, but we provide something different.

Our creator/programmer, Erick is coming up with some groundbreaking tools that will revolutionize the recording of audio, everywhere!

Also we are coming up with rad features for bands that will truely innovate the way booking agents and promoters put together shows (band, venue and promoter profiles will be available in the coming weeks)!

...and did I mention we don't charge a dime?

Come on by http://www.MyLocalMusicNow.com and create a profile to participate in this free, kickass network of audio professionals!

For the Music,

Erick & Steve (a team of two gents who want to make the world of music an easier place to connect)

Please call us if you have any rad ideas!

P.S.- I must mention that we also able to insert a localized version of our profiles, at no cost, into recording studios' websites so that your clients may find talented people in the area.
Please contact us if you are interested in participating, and we'll show you of a demo of your page with the profiles! Thanks!

Meanwhile, I might tease you all with the promise of a real update that I will never actually post.
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